Central Security B.P.G. Ltd. was converted to a privately run, U.L.C.-listed monitoring and dispatch center in 1975 when the Montreal Urban Community (M.U.C.) was formed. Previously, the facilities had been maintained by the Hampstead Police Department, which had monitored alarm systems owned by local residents. We have since increased the number of monitored accounts, and have recruited other municipalities to use us as their fire and public security dispatch center.

Central Security B.P.G. Ltd. is now a fully automated monitoring station that uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the most efficient service for our growing client base. We make it our business to research all the new technology being made available to the security industry, from remote video surveillance to two-way voice monitoring.

Our Mission

  • To meet all our clients’ needs diligently and precisely.
  • To be in constant readiness to meet our clients’ needs.
  • To offer our clients the most personalized and highest quality service at all times.
  • To seek out state-of-the-art equipment and services to enhance our clients’ security at the lowest possible cost.
  • To respond with humanity and compassion during emergency situations.

You will find that Central B.P.G. Ltd., a steadfast ambassador in the security industry, is imminently reachable, thoroughly responsive.
What makes us special?
It’s really quite simple. We are a totally computerized, digital monitoring service that is second to none.

Because we concentrate on being the best at what we do – 24 hour monitoring and dispatch.

Other companies try to do it all – from systems installation to monitoring and dispatch. But at Central Security we realize that in the critical security business you’d better not spread yourself too thin! Because emergencies deserve your total attention.

So when there is an emergency, you can trust our experience – gained over a generation of service to communities, businesses, institutions and individual installation companies.
What we do.
Our Central Monitoring Station can cover any area in North America – and can monitor and dispatch for virtually any emergency such as:

  • Police and Fire emergencies
  • Sprinkler system failures
  • Refrigeration stoppage
  • Elevator breakdown
  • Business openings and closings
  • In-home and apartment security systems
  • Outside property protection (boats, etc.)
  • Furnace breakdown
  • Smoke detectors
  • Personal Safety Devices
  • Tow truck alarm and dispatch
  • And that is just a brief sample of some of our services!

Ask to talk to a Central Security consultant today.

How we do it.

Our monitoring and dispatch services are controlled by state of the art computer systems, and staffed by highly trained emergency operators. While computers provide the instant information that we need, the human brain verifies and responds to each and every emergency. The phrase “panic button” is not in our training manuals – “controlled action” is!

But Central Security service does not begin and end with only emergency response:

  • Our consultants will help design and set up your systems.
  • We will recommend other applications.
  • We constantly offer updates of any new product breakthrough in the security monitoring market.
  • We provide tailor made monthly or weekly reports on your recent security activities.

So don’t confuse us with the rest of the guys. We’re the specialists. The professionals in Monitoring and Dispatch.