What is the difference between a ULC and a non-ULC monitoring company?
A monitoring company approved by the Underwiters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) must adhere to very strict guidelines and codes set up by the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. Inspections to the monitoring company are made on an ongoing basis by ULC Inspectors. Only monitoring companies approved by the Underwriters may issue ULC certificates which are sometimes required by insurance companies for monitoring certain high security systems.

How does my security system call the monitoring company?
Your security system uses your existing phone line. When your alarm is triggered it uses your phone line to call our central computer and relays all the information. Once the information from your system has been transferred to our computer, your telephone line is returned to normal service.  Options are available for more secure monitoring that include IP back-up, cellular back-up and dedicated lines.

How many keypads do I need?
Keypads are usually placed at entry/exit doors. If you have a front door and garage door that you come in and out of then it would be recommended to get two installed. You can turn the system on from one and turn it off from the other.

Can I have motion sensors if I have pets (e.g. cats, dogs)??
Special motion sensors that will not detect animals under 100lbs are now available; however, they must be installed in such a way that would not allow the animal to get within 6 feet of the motion sensor. In special cases where there are many animals, we suggest glassbreak detectors be used rather than motion sensors.

How often should I test my security system?
Ideally, you should test your system weekly, although monthly is acceptable. To test your system simply arm the system, wait the delay time, then open a door or window without disarming the system. Please remember to have your id code ready to identify yourself when our monitoring station calls you.

How much security do I need?
After you’ve had a qualified security expert give you an evaluation, try this little test. Stand outside your home and pretend that you are a thief and want to break in.  Look for the easiest way in to your home (e.g. a basement window, back door, window off a gallery).  These areas are the most important to protect.  See if the areas you would protect match those suggested by the evaluator.

Should I notify my alarm company when I will be away for an extended period ?
It is always better to let us know when you are leaving, returning, and where you can be reached. Special instructions can always be set up for the period that you will be away (e.g. a neighbor who has a key). Remember to also inform the people on your emergency list.